How to Upgrade OpenCart Step by Step?

Step 1. Backup OpenCart

Basically you can download a copy of your OpenCart files from web server to your computer through FTP or your hosting control panel. Then export its database through phpMyAdmin or go to back up the database from OpenCart dashboard >> Tools >> Backup/Restore.

Step 2. Download latest version of OpenCart

Step 3. Upload new OpenCart version to server

When you have unzipped OpenCart installer on your computer, you should find a ‘upload’ folder. You need to upload all its files and subfolder from computer to your web hosting, except “upload/config.php” and “upload/admin/config.php“. In OpenCart, these two files seems can not be found. It does not matter which OpenCart version you are upgrading to, always double check to ensure these two files not to be uploaded

Step 4. Install OpenCart from web browser

Every new OpenCart installation will have an ‘install’ sub-folder in the OpenCart root directory. Now you need to launch the auto-installer from your web browser. Open a web browser on your PC or Mac, enter your OpenCart domain name in the address bar, add /install/ after your OpenCart site URL address, then press Enter key on your computer to initiate the OpenCart auto-installer. Since this is an OpenCart upgrade other than fresh install, only few steps required from now to complete the upgrade to new OpenCart version. 

Now you have finished upgrading OpenCart to the latest version! Oh, one last thing, don’t forget to delete your installation directory for website safety reason.

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